Running brands…

Talking about brands in running…

Large mammoths: Nike and Adidas with $30bn and 20$Bn are the largest equipment manufacturers in the world. In my opinion they lost the position in the 90s and 00s without real innovation and allowing new players to come in. Recently they have launched different innovation programmes (boots, vaporfly, react etc.) to gain back to innovator position. They are able to make large innovation investments while expanding business into equipment (pants and shirts) and moving into lifestyle (not only performance) and experience (digital channels etc.)

Wanabe: Puma ($4Bn), New balance ($3.7Bn), Asics($3Bn) and Mizuno ($1.6Bn) are strugglying to find the right strategy (brand, design and digital development) and in many cases not getting enough growth. Some are trying to go back to specialization in terms of sports (and some back to running) and customer type

New Hipes: Under Armour ($4Bn) and Lululemon ($2Bn), they still need to prove if they are a lifestyle brand/design or a real innovation and technology/performance companies. Growing quickly specially in some markets but not really running specialists

Running specialist:  Saucony ($500m-1Bn?), brooks ($700m), On running ($100-200m?) Important innovations considering size but lagging behind in branding and digital experience

Road and trail: Hoka one one ($150m?), altra ($50-$100m), salming ($10-$100m) focus on trail/road with great success within triathlon groups. Developing their expertise in “natural” running with zero drop but maximalist

Others: Other brands developing with less success (Vibram, Hommo Sandals, pies sucios) focusing on natural and minimalist running.



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