New start: Covid 19 recovery

2020 has been a very difficult year for everyone and with a lot of changes.

Training has been a challenge and participating in any race almost impossible. I have been avoiding social networking and blogs a little bit demotivated by the situation and busy facing all changes and trying to keep the morale of a full house.

I tested positive over 10 days ago, being extremely careful during all Christmas. (probably not enough…) and I think it is a good idea to post on how I will do to recover my health and my training.

Covid process: I wish someone could have explained me what could I expect from the disease. For me, a healthy, mid-aged male the process went like this:

  • 3 days of first symptoms: Feeling bad but keep on doing “normal life”. Decided to do test and to avoid any contacts even in the house. 
  • 3-4 days of feeling really bad: staying calm, patience and looking for any risky signs (respiratory issues, fever etc.)  
  • 3-5 days of ups and downs for final recovery: it takes some time to get ride of the virus 

Areas of pain: I think this virus (as most I guess) attacks the weakest areas. As the previous days to the test I was working hard on cleaning the streets from snow (another long story…) I was totally destroyed in the neck and shoulders and I think that is the reason why I had so many headache in the next few days.

  • Head: terrible headache for a week 
  • Stomach: mostly at night, a strange feeling as my whole stomach was swollen
  • Throat: Unpleasant feeling but not making me coughing
  • General weakness: Generally very weak and unable to work more than 2 hours

Recovery Plan

I still have great commitments for this years in terms of running another marathon so I better start soon a recovery plan:

  • Walking and general exercises: This is probably the first step after being sick. Getting back to normal and warming up.
  • Cleaning routine: specific routine to clean all the organs. I like specific preparations from artichokes (blisters) but I have gone this time for the real thing.
  • Extreme food and vitamin complements: Greater look to what I eat and include plenty of liquids and detox ingredients. (lemons juices, garlic, tomato etc.)
  • Breathing exercises: As simple as kids balloons can make a big difference
  • Picking up with running: I started with 6km 2-3 days a week a push forward

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