The New Balance Zante V3 are very good price (60-70 euros), quite light and with a new cushioning technology but I never got “in love” with them. They have some success with triathletes and recently I got questioned about the new Zante V4. (thanks JF) I have not tried the V4 but today I ran with the V3 and got my thinking around. We are talking about a “near to” minimalist shoe (6mm drop) with some good and bad things for me:

The pros:

  • It is a very light shoe (c. 250g.)
  • The cushioning technology is supposedly to be excellent but only for light/medium weights (<80kg)
  • The look is very nice. Not stunning, no super personality but sometimes I like things this way
  • Very comfortable upper. No issues with it at all and they look highly durable
  • Good with rain and slippery floors
  • If you have a minimalist technique you can ride at 4.00min easily but I found it difficult to go beyond that (my technique is not great nor my shape) If you don´t have a good technique you can end up with stiffness in your calves

The cons:

  • The cushioning technology is not for >80kg people. I found them too soft at landing but I never got the feeling of a full cushioning. So for me it is a yes but no kind of thing…
  • I would not ride more than 10km ( I am 84kg)
  • There is very limited rebound which is normal in a minimalist shoe but somehow will impact your performance if you want to give the extra mile
  • Another thing which hopefully has been corrected: I used them in the gym for some time and I found that they stink very quickly… easy to solve but a pain if you need to hide your shoes in you workplace as I do…

I don’t think it is a competition shoe but probably more a training shoe if you want to ride on a minimalist shoe. If you have developed the minimalist technique you will probably find these shoes very good but I still require a bit more drop and cushioning for my old style running technique.

Other reviews that I follow: (in Spanish)


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  1. IMO the main advantage of this shoe is that it can be considered a “take-me-anywhere shoe”. Maybe the problem is just for people over 80kg, but I found Zante v3 to be reliable for races, cushioned enough for long training days and just perfect for tempo. Any other shoe that fits this purpose? Maybe Saucony Freedom Iso?



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