Type of runners…



  • 20-30 years (some even older)
  • Some big influencers (>100k followers)
  • Fully dedicated (>40hours/weekly)
  • Full training plan with professionals (coach, nutritionists, physios etc.)
  • Sponsors and training kit


  • Running calendar and key milestones

Serious amateurs:

  • Mostly >30 years
  • Ex-pro, coaches and real running passionate
  • Some micro influencers (>10k followers)
  • >15 hours/week
  • Complete running kit and lost the count of running shoes
  • Coach or club most of the times


  • Type of runner you want to be:
    • Beat yourself / the professionals (time)
    • Extend your reach (ultra, trail etc.) (distance)
    • Try new things (Triathlon, duathlon) (experience)
  • Complete training plan depending on your decision


  • Variety of age but mostly >28
  • Starting to travel to running events
  • 6-10 hours/week
  • Simple training plan (web/friend based) or daily routine (5-10km)
  • 2-3 pairs and completing running kit (web and friends)


  • Half marathon and marathon targets
  • Defining who they want to be: time, distance or experience runner even they area not really conscious about it


  • Variety of age and reason to start running:
    • Loose weight/get fit
    • I need a change in my life
  • Solo pair runners (usually buying its first target)
  • Limited training and probably only due to accessing to a race due bc of friends/company


  • 5km/10km first target
  • Is it really for me?

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Learning about running and about myself while I get in shape and improve my PBs

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